What is Ashtanga Mysore Yoga in Guildford

Ashtanga Yoga Guildford Mysore Room

What is Ashtanga Yoga?

Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional method of yoga practice using postures, breathing techniques and focus to achieve a healthy body and a steady mind.

Sounds simple to do? This practice can be taken lightly or you can delve deep. The method of learning direct with a teacher who has learned direct from their teacher is called 'parampara'. The teacher is there for you to show you the moves (asana) and how to breathe correctly (pranyama). From then on it is a bit like a platform game as you explore deeper and deeper.

What do you do?

Just turn up - mats are provided, wear suitable clothes to practice in & bring an open mind.

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When are the classes?

We are very proud to have started the first regular Self Practice Ashtanga Mysore yoga in Guildford

6 days a week traditional morning practice Monday - Saturday 6am -8am

based at Red Hot Yoga Studios.

The traditional way to start, continue and deepen your journey with the guidance of 4 experienced teachers

Clive, Mark, Omar, Katerina 

supported by our team of assistants Caroline, and Emily

Committing to a 6 day a week practice can sometimes be challenging at the start so do what you can with an eye on it becoming an essential part of your morning routine, just like brushing your teeth to clean them, the practice cleanses the body and your headspace ready for the day.

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How do Mysore Self Practice Classes work?

 What does the teacher do if I am doing all the moves myself?

As the class is not led by the teacher, the students follow their own breath and will find themselves in different asana at different times. This allows the teacher to hold a safe space & allows them freedom to help you in the more challenging poses and advise on the subtleties of the poses, plus anything else that comes up that is related to Ashtanga Yoga. You get the best of all worlds practicing like this, the benefits of a one to one class in a group setting with all that lovely sharing of energy & support from fellow students in the Ashtanga Community.

How does it work if I am a regular to a led Ashtanga Class?

You will probably be familiar with the structure and sequence, now you will have to start to memorise it. The teacher will help you with this all the way. Learning the poses by heart gives you the freedom to explore the intricacies of the practice - Breath, Bandha, Drishti - and this is when the real magic begins.

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Can I come if I am new?

Yes, you will be very welcome! If you are new to yoga your first few trips maybe short, be patient & take time to learn the practice correctly. You will be shown the starting poses and how to breathe correctly by the teacher. After a few trips the movements become automatic, you will have gained confidence, that's when the real yoga magic will start to work. 

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Want to give it a try?

If you are still unsure and want to chat about what it involves then feel free to please call Clive

We look forward to welcoming you soon to guide you on your journey, whatever unfolds for you.

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Look out for our Beginners Self Practice Courses

Running throughout the year