Ashtanga Yoga Guildford

Early Years

Ashtanga Yoga Guildford - AYG - was born out of a desire by Clive and Mark to share what they had learnt and because they had a vision of making Ashtanga accessible in its traditional form to all in Guildford and the surrounding areas of Woking, Farnham and Godalming.

Keeping it Pure

They have taken great pains to teach respectfully, holding a safe space for their students to honour the tradition of Guruji, Sharathji and their teacher Hamish.

It began as a led class hosted by the kind owners at Red Hot Yoga in Guildford Clarissa and Nick in 2011.

Led classes have their role in teaching the form, breath count and pace of the practice but there was a demand and need for more depth.

The birth of the Mysore Program

In Sept 2013 the first Friday Ashtanga Yoga Guildford Mysore self practice was started : 6-8am. It was clear after a while that the students got it and they expanded to 3 days adding Monday and Wednesday. It was inevitable that Tuesday and Thursday followed and 2016 added Saturday. The Mysore programme became more and more popular so in 2018 they extended Monday and Friday to 10.30am bringing Ashtanga Yoga Surrey and surrounding areas

For the last couple of years regular monthly led classes were added for the first Saturday of the month along with a conference. A busy full led primary on Thursday evening with Mark expands the teaching base. Early morning pre-Mysore sutras chanting has also come along as well as a random 'tea with the yogis' to explore stuff that comes up.

They are away regularly with Sharathji in the new year and are lucky enough to have safe hands in Omar, Katerina and Caroline to carry the flame for AYG whilst they are away.

Clive and Mark are very grateful to Red Hot Yoga Studios for the lovely teaching space (normal temperature room!) in the heart of Guildford and hope what has been accomplished has as close a feel as possible to the traditional form of the practice for body, mind and soul.